Name of Website: Tiggly https://www.tiggly.com/shapes

Cost: Free or with Tiggly tools 29.99

Pros: Based on Montessori teaching methods

Cons: Keeping track of equipment and cost

Describe how the app was used: My vision is to use this  program as alternative teaching tool to differentiate my teaching. For example my kindergarten unit was based on shapes and I would use this app for students who were having a hard time participating based on their IEP.  There lesson could be investigating shapes using the shape tools on the iPad.

Students can also choose a different option which helps with counting. It’s a fantastic tool for young students  ages 3/4/5/6

Conclusion/Commentary: This app is really fun for students because of the hands on tools but it can also be used without the tools which is good since it’s hard to keep track of the hardware.

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