Name of Application: Spotify

Cost: Free or Premium ($10 per month)

 Pros: access to over 30 million songs, option to make and share your own playlist or listen to playlists that others have made, new releases every week, unlimited ability to search or skip songs, tracks to fit any mood or style of dance

 Cons: to listen to tracks without advertisements and to have the ability to listen offline you need to pay for Spotify Premium, also due to licensing conflicts some artists are not on Spotify (you won’t find Beyonce’s Lemonade or Jay-Z on there)

 Description: I have been using Spotify for years through the free subscription. I love how you can instantly listen to just about any song you want and how you can always discover new tracks on here. I have only used it for personal enjoyment but going forward, I am rethinking how I can use it in the dance education setting. I found so many valuable tracks that can easily be used for dance class, including ballet warm-up music, instrumental versions of current top 40 songs (i.e. “Humble” by Kendrick Lamar), African drums, ambient music, K-pop, etc. They even recently added podcasts as a new feature for users.

Conclusion/Commentary: Spotify is a cheaper, more efficient alternative to handpicking songs on Youtube or purchasing individual tracks/albums on iTunes.  It is a must-have that every dance educator should have in their back pocket!

Number of Stars: *****(5)

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