Name of Application: Instagram

Cost: Free

Pros: easy way to record student choreography and instantly share learning with families, options to post slideshows, photo collages, or even time-lapse videos (Hyperlapse app allows you to alter the speed of your videos), older students can explore cinematic techniques more closely with different camera shots and angles (i.e. match cuts, close ups, long shots, etc.), can be used to explore the elements or improve technique

Cons: school policy may not allow students to use social media, students might lack access to technology

Description: Instagram is a social networking app that allows you to instantly share photos and videos from a Smartphone or tablet. Of course, the first step to creating a class Instagram is to request permission from administrators and parents (there are a lot of tutorials out there about getting started with this and creating “safety pledges” for appropriate use). It is also important to make sure that this account is private, which means only students in your class and their families have access to it. Once up and running, students can share ownership of the account so you are not stuck doing all the work by yourself!

Conclusion/Commentary: This is a fun and familiar tool for teaching students about the application of technology in dance. It can be used in a unit that explores dance on film or all year long. It’s also a great way to build relationships with parents!

Number of Stars: *****(5)

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