Italk recorder

name of app: italk recorder

cost: free

pros: allows you to record your corrections verbally in real time, you can hear the specific spot in the music where the correction is given, eliminates the struggling have hand writing your corrections which requires you to look down resulting in you missing sections of the piece

cons: can not be used on the same device that is playing the sound,  not much different than the audio recorder on your phone, doesn’t have video so it may be more effective to just use your camera and verbally record corrections that way

use: used the app while rehearsing a group dance for a competition.

Conclusion: It’s not much different from the audio recorder on your phone, but if you use your phone to play music and install this app on another device it may be useful. It may be beneficial to just record the piece and say your corrections while filming.

Number of stars: *** (3)

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