Daily Workouts Lite

name of app: Daily Work Out Lite

cost: free

pros: you can alter the length of the work out, you can choose the kind of work out, it has video demonstrations, makes a noise for when to start and end

cons: exercises often get repeated, there is only one set per exercise, many excercises use weight that may not be available in a class room setting

Use: I use this app for myself at the gym. However I see potential for it to be used in the class room. You can plus your device into the smart board and have the students follow along or you can go through the video and learn the sequence before the start of class time and take them through it.

Conclusiom: this is app is one of the easier fitness apps out there, the fact that it has video demonstrations of the exercises makes it much easier. If you are going to use it in a class room setting it may be beneficial to take the time to learn and alter the sequence/exercises before class time.

Number of stars: **** (4)

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