Educator:  Michelle Solares

App: Pandora

Cost:  Free

Pros:  The beauty of Pandora is that it can be a very inspirational way to find music for a particular piece of choreography.

Cons:  If you use the free version, you are subject to intermittent commercials.

I like to select a composer or genre of music on this app.  Based on what I “like”, Pandora plays music in the style of a particular artist or genre of music.   While listening to a Sondheim station, for example, Pandora can play something related to Sondheim.  I might find another composer or singer I may not have otherwise thought of or known about.

I would recommend this app to someone looking for choreographic/musical inspiration.  I was listening to “Broadway” music and accidentally stumbled upon a fabulous song that I ended up choreographing to.


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