Educator:  Michelle Solares

App:  Ebay

Cost:  Free

Pros:  One can find anything on Ebay.

Cons:  It takes up too much space on my Android phone, so I uninstall it when not in use.  I only install it when I need to purchase work clothing/dance clothes.

Description:  I use the Ebay app to purchase dance props.  I also use this app to purchase dance clothing such as tights, leotards, yoga pants, sweats, and even costume pieces.

Commentary:  Some of the tights/leggings I have purchased on Ebay are made in China.  I find the dance clothing I have ordered from Ebay is cheap, poorly made, and uncomfortable.  The app itself is fine–it is a great source to find something you may be able to use for your classroom, materials for a project/performance/etc.



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