Bluefire Reader

Name of Application: Bluefire Reader

Cost: Free

Pros: This app allows you to borrow books in  a pdf format from Hunter College or any CUNY college library database. You are able to download any digital book to this app and not worry about the upcoming due date.

Cons: This app does not allow you to renew the digital book borrowed. In order for you to renew the book you will have to log in to your hunter account and do the process all over again. Also, the borrow time for these books seem to be a few days shorter than the time you would get if an actual book was borrowed.

 How it was used: The app was used for three courses. I was able to borrow the books Jazz Dance, children’s Anatomy and Physiology and Discipline with Dignity.

Conclusion/Commentary: This is a good app for digital books borrowed from Hunter and other CUNY libraries

Number of Stars: 3.5

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