Insight Timer

Name of Application: Insight Timer

 Cost: free

 Pros: over 7,487 free guided meditations, relaxing music tracks, talks, and courses

 Cons: none

 Description: This app will keep you sane on the craziest of teaching days! I love how many different types of meditations there are on here. You can choose what you would like to focus on, such as recovery and healing, stress and anxiety, happiness, or creativity and performance. There are even ones made for kids and teens that you can use with your class! If you prefer to meditate in silence you can set a timer and choose what type of sound you would like to hear when it’s complete. I love how you can choose meditations based on how much time you have, whether it’s only one minute or over an hour. When you’re not meditating, there are discussion boards that you can join to talk about mindfulness or just read beautiful quotes by Rumi.

 Conclusion/Commentary: This is the greatest gift you can give yourself. Whether you choose to meditate on the train, before bed, or during your prep period, there is no way you can go wrong with this app. Teachers are the busiest people and need to take time for self-care!

 Number of Stars: * * * * *

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