Name of Application: Blogilates

Cost: free

Pros: features targeted pilates exercises for the whole body in a fun and engaging atmosphere

Cons: the workouts are marketed largely toward females rather than males, also a few videos might not be appropriate for students to use directly due to language

Description: I have been following the pilates workout videos created by award-winning fitness instructor Cassie Ho for years and they never get easier! These short, targeted video clips are my go-to for staying in shape outside of dance class. I love how you can choose videos based on how much time you have and what part of the body you want to focus on, such as your abs, arms, back, or glutes. Doing these videos is like having your own virtual trainer. Cassie is extremely positive and energetic. She does a great job at motivating you to get through the toughest of workouts with her. Cross-training is very important for dancers, especially as students become more advanced in their technique. Pilates is a powerful exercise for injury prevention as well as rehabilitation. These exercises can help you and your students develop a stronger and more stable core, increased flexibility and muscular strength, improved posture, restored balance throughout the body, and stronger connection to the breath.

Conclusion/Commentary: I would recommend this app for dance teachers to try on their own so that they can learn effective pilates exercises that will help them and their students become stronger dancers. While most of the videos are appropriate, teachers should always make sure to review them before showing any to their class. I have tried other pilates videos on Youtube and most of them are quite boring. Blogilates does a great job at keeping you engaged while giving you an outstanding workout!

 Number of Stars: * * * * *

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