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“Dances for an iPhone” – a gem of an app…

Name of the app: Dances for an iPhone 3 (a.k.a. iDances 3)

Cost: Free!

About the app: the app is a collection of choreographic works created especially for iPhones and iPads. This is the third episode of the app, and previous renditions are currently unavailable. Recently iDances 4 came out, which is dedicated to Stephen Sondheim. More info can be found at dancesforaniphone.com.

Possible classroom applications: The app offers a salient alternative for performance reviews. Students can select one of the dances and write about the work in their journal or answer a prompt for an essay. Since many of the dances are performed by NYC dance icons, it’s also a valuable addition to biographies of them. Some of these icons are Carmen de Lavallade, Risa Steinberg, Deborah Jowitt, and Janis Brenner.

Pros: These days youth is obsessed with mobile devices and technology. This is a terrific way to build on their interests! iDances 3 is a worthy alternative to live performances, and can be used as the basis of dialogic conversation, written essays, and comp study classes.

Cons: Dance-for-film is a terrific medium that can integrate everyday-life and the performing arts. It baffles me that the videos all have been filmed in dance studios. What’s stopping the makers of this app (Riachard Daniels a.o.) to venture out to the streets and perform the dances on interesting NYC locations? Last but not least, these dances expire after a while. iDances 1 is currently unavailable, and iDances 2 will disappear soon as well!

Rating: 3 out of 5

“Dance Journal” by mojomolo apps

Cost: $1.99

Description: Dance Journal allows you to log what was learned in dance class through videos, notes, and pictures, which can be classified by custom categories. The logs/journals can even be shared via bluetooth, social media, and email.

Pros: The categories are great for organization and being able to keep the log by date is helpful for remembering. I also love being able to share the logs so easily.

Cons: There really are not many cons to this app. The only thing I would say is that it may be difficult to record or take pictures during class. Apart from that, this a great tool for all dance students and even teachers.

Conclusion: This app is a great way to have students journal after classes and then allow them to share it with the teacher and their peers. This is a great way to integrate technology in the classroom and I think it would make students want to journal.

Stars: *****