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Ballet Index- one of many language tools for dance.

Name of Application: Ballet Index

Cost: 99 Cents

Pros: Gives both the literal translation of ballet vocabulary and also what it refers to in terms of ballet class and terminology. Gives phonetic pronunciations.

Cons: Not many photos of what things look like, though entries like ballerina have cheesy photos of a “ballerina.”

I use this app for my own knowledge of how to exactly translate and spell terms in ballet and in other styles of dance as we use ballet vocabulary throughout many dance forms. I use these terms with my pre-K students and my Middle School students. Using terms based in the French language is helpful at my job because many of my students are bi-lingual in French and English or are English Language Learners. This allows us to discuss cross-cultural use of language and other uses for their mother tongue.

I recommend this App, it is a clear interface and very well laid out and very clear. However, I think that the free ballet dictionary that is available through the American Ballet Theater, (http://www.abt.org/education/dictionary/), is a bit more comprehensive and clear. This website would be more useable by students on their own for defining and spelling ballet vocabulary because of its accessibility on the computer as well as the fact that it is free. Ballet Index is only 99 cents, but not all students have their own iPad or iPhone access or want to/can afford to buy an app for dance class (students would also need parental permission to buy their own version of applications).

Number of Stars * * * (3/5 stars)

Blackboard Mobile

Cost: Free for basic access, $1.99 for full use.

Pros: Easily access assignments, grades, and updates for all courses. Favorites button.

Cons: Log in every time you open, mixed between platforms.

I have been using the Blackboard Mobile App on my iPad, and iPhone regularly since January 30, 2015. I use it for easy access to my course work and assignments on the go. I am often on the go and this app is much better and more organized than going to the Blackboard site on my mobile devices.

This application allows me to check my assignments, course updates, grades, and course documents on the go. It allows me to read important assignments when I am out and about, as well as having full access to Blackboard without using my web browser all the time. The favorites feature is key for me; I can keep favorites for tabs I often visit within my Blackboard site. This feature is also good for keeping track of assignments: I can pick my favorites to be assignments due that week, or upcoming soon!

Number of Stars: 4 stars/5 stars (* * * * )