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Dance Me Lite

Name of the app: Dance Me Lite

Cost: Free, but only 10 games can be played before having to pay for the $0.99 full version.

About the app: the app is pretty basic reaction game in which the player has to press 4 directional buttons to stay in the game.

Possible classroom applications:The app builds on eye-hand coordination, but can be adapted for the classroom if used with a smart-board and having elementary student-dancers match the directions with their feet. I haven’t tried this yet, but it might work using polyspots for the group, asking one student to press the buttons. Perhaps a fun introduction-to-tap lesson?

Pros: Children are obsessed with technology, and this might be a great way to reel in unmotivated students.

Cons: The app is designed for the iPhone platform, so it looks grainy when using on larger devices for students with gross motor skill challenges. It also looks grainy when using on a smart-board. The avatar of the app is a triangular looking character that does not look dynamic at ALL.

Rating: 1 out of 5; not really worth the download…

Timer for kids- visual countdown for preschool children

This app for ipad is free, but does offer in app purchases with more options. Published by idea4e,  “Timer for Kids” is a visual countdown timer which can be set for various lengths of time. It plays music and slowly reveals a picture as the time runs out. My elementary school kids love it for transitions.
Pros: The timer length is completely customizable.
Cons: It does not offer a lot of choices for music or visual image. These must be purchased.

I give it 4 stars: ****

Dot Dot Dot, an app by 2wice…

Name of the application: Dot Dot Dot

About the app:
Dot Dot Dot is an app that offers a maze of video dances filmed from various perspectives (i.e., bird’s-eye view, eye level). The user can switch perspectives by swiping the screen. This digital tablet platform features one male dancer that performs in a white world covered in red and black dots and pillars. Choreography is by NYC-based Tom Gold, who’s work is classical ballet based.

Dot Dot Dot is $0.99 and is worth every penny! It combines dance, music and interaction. When seeing the dance from above the app is interactive, and great fun for younger students. It was launched in 2013 by 2wice Arts Foundation.

Possible classroom applications:
The red and black dots seen on certain screens are reminiscent to spot markers often used for younger children. This offers a great opportunity for kids to connect to the dance on-screen. I plan on using this as a culminating event to an elementary school unit that plays with these dots, kinesphere, and general space. Students can compare and contrast their dances to the one offered in the video in a classroom discussion.

The app offers countless screens that guarantees hours of classroom fun. It’s effective for younger students, and offers soothing and playful choreography and music. The app can be the basis of movement explorations, but also can offer a culminating event to a unit.

I have so far not found any glitches or problems with this app, but will report if I do in the future.

5 out of 5!! (Gold star, A++!!)