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“Formations” by Joe’s Apps

Cost: $0.99

Description: Formations allows you to create, edit, and save multiple formations for various dances or routines.

Pros: The app is simple and nicely organized.

Cons: It is difficult to maneuver the position of the x’s in the formations section of the app.

Conclusion: The idea of this app is great and I think it would be very useful to dance makers. However, until the app is developed further, I think you would be better off writing down your formations.

Stars: **


Ipad App: ShapeShifter

Cost: Free

Pros: fun way to explore shapes and formation shifting with students in dance.

Cons: user cannot choose exactly which shape  will appear next


This app is quite simple: it displays a rotating 3-D shape made up of tiny dots and when the user taps the shape the formation bursts apart and forms a new shape. The user can manipulate the shape as it rotates by touching and moving it, changing its rotation axis or angle.

It has great potential for helping students explore formations and shifting formations. You can adjust the morphing speed to watch closely how each dot moves to a new formation. Students can apply this to their own directions in the space. Seeing the shape shifting can help students visualize the transformation and think globally and collaboratively.

I recommend this app as a visual supplement tool.

Number of stars: 4