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iDanceEd App Review “Dancer QuickQuotes”

Name of Application: “Dancer QuickQuotes”

Cost: Free

Pros: Search famous and infamous quotes by major dance figures, bookmark favorite quotes, save quote to camera roll to print for classroom or to add to PowerPoint/Prezi for student inspiration. Shake tablet for random quote. Easily sharable over social media.

Cons: None.

I use this app to find inspirational quotes to add to my lesson plans, send in emails to my students and post around the classrooms. This is a great teaching tool because my students will sometimes love a quote and we will discuss or write about it. Usable for a quick write/do now. Also students sometimes will want to investigate the person who the quote is by.

I think this is a nice little extra tool to inspire our young student’s minds!

Number of Stars: * * * * * (5/5)

Blackboard Mobile

Cost: Free for basic access, $1.99 for full use.

Pros: Easily access assignments, grades, and updates for all courses. Favorites button.

Cons: Log in every time you open, mixed between platforms.

I have been using the Blackboard Mobile App on my iPad, and iPhone regularly since January 30, 2015. I use it for easy access to my course work and assignments on the go. I am often on the go and this app is much better and more organized than going to the Blackboard site on my mobile devices.

This application allows me to check my assignments, course updates, grades, and course documents on the go. It allows me to read important assignments when I am out and about, as well as having full access to Blackboard without using my web browser all the time. The favorites feature is key for me; I can keep favorites for tabs I often visit within my Blackboard site. This feature is also good for keeping track of assignments: I can pick my favorites to be assignments due that week, or upcoming soon!

Number of Stars: 4 stars/5 stars (* * * * )