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Symbaloo App

Symbaloo is a book-marking app that can be accessed from any device. I haven’t used it yet in the classroom, but find it very convenient to use for lessons. Instead of searching the web or clicking on a link, all of your selected websites are beautifully displayed in small tiles. I like that you can create different pages of links you want to save. This works great if each of your lessons has different websites you want to show. Keeps everything neat, and organized. The app, and account are free. I definitely recommend this!

Bloom’s App

The Bloom’s Taxonomy app has been extremely helpful for me when writing my lesson plans. Each category: knowledge, comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation are broken down into three more categories: action verbs, lesson activities, and question stems. The lesson activities give you suggestions on how to incorporate it into your lesson. I highly recommend this app for new and experienced teachers.