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App: Vimeo

Cost: Free with a paid option

Pros: It is a platform to upload video, there are no adds. There are many security filters. It can be played in the school.

Cons: Videos can take time to upload, for some it is not as user friendly as youtube.

Describe how the app was used: I use this app/website to upload video of my students so they have access to their choreography projects. Students can watch themselves and self and peer assess. This is also a great platform to search for dance master works. Some companies have their work or excerpts of their work on vimeo and you can play these video’s in your classroom. I like using this platform more than youtube because of the security filters. The video also tends to be of higher resolution.

Conclusion/Commentary: Great website for students, and it is not blocked by the DOE win win.

4 stars

“Coach’s Eye” by TechSmith Corporation

Price: $60.00 – $240.00/year

App Overview: This app allows you to slow down and analyze movement recorded on video. You can playback your dances in slow motion to zero in on areas of your dance for a closer look. The app includes high frame rate HD video recording, precise video review, slow motion playback, side-by-side comparison, audio voice over, video telestration tools, and more. Made for all types of sports, this app is very handy for all coaches.

Pros: The app has a variety of useful functions that do what the human eye and memory cannot. The analysis capabilities are priceless and beyond helpful.

Cons: The app is very expensive and may not be something many can easily afford.

Overall: While the app isn’t cheap, it is an amazing tool for analysis. I would recommend this app more for coaches of dance teams or choreographers that require precision and unison in their dances. For teachers that can afford it, it may be a great tool to provide students feedback that they can watch themselves with audio commentary.

SaveFrom, a website creating downloadable Youtube videos

Name of the website: SaveFrom

Cost: Free!

About the website: the sole purpose of the website is to reformat web videos from Youtube into a downloadable format. After copying the link into a text box, the video can be uploaded to your portable or hard drive in WebM, MP4, FLV, 3GP (2 sizes), and audio MP4 format.

Possible classroom applications: many educational institutions have blocked video websites like YouTube. By using this web page educators can upload video texts off-site and use them during their lessons.

Pros: Providing students with video texts has become an essential aspect of contemporary American education. Using video enables ELLs and visual learners to deepen their understanding of the lesson material. This websites makes this a possibility.

Cons: The site (understandably) doesn’t work on subscription websites like Netflix and Amazon Prime which are often blocked in schools. SaveFrom also doesn’t work on Youtube alternatives like Vimeo.

Rating: 4 out of 5

“iACE” by Jesse Bactad

Cost: $2.99

Description: ACE stands for “Achieve Choreography Excellence”. The app lets you video record your choreography with additional features. These features include flagging portions of the choreo, text or voice notes, draw on the screen, cut the video, slow motion and fast forward.

Pros: The app allows you to do all the things you would normally do on multiple forms of media in one place. It is also very easy to use.

Cons: Not much at all other than that it isn’t free.

Conclusion: This app is a must have for anyone in dance. It allows for review of errors and places where choreography needs improvement. This app is very useful for reviewing choreographic progress.

Stars: *****